Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8 (KB2755399)

Microsoft integrated Adobe Flash Player 11 with Internet Explorer 10. Please read 'Microsoft assimilates Flash in Metro's IE10' for more information. Therefore you can't update the embedded Flash Player 11 using the 'Flash Player 11.4 for Internet Explorer' MSI package to update the embedded Adobe Flash Player 11 on Windows 8. Security Updates for Adobe Flash will be made available by Microsoft through Windows Update, not by Adobe. However, Adobe's release notes still apply (of course).

Last Friday Microsoft released Security Advisory 2755801 which addresses vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, by providing an update through Windows Update. The bulletin is available here.

You can download this update using 'Update Commander' in order to import the update into Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Then, after re-imaging a machine with Windows 8, you have all the latest patches installed.

To do so start 'Update Commander' on a Windows 8 x64 and/or Windows 8 x86 machine and 'Search for Updates'. When the update already has been applied to the machine on which you run Update Commander, please use the 'Search for Installed Updates' option. Then select this update (select the other KB2751352 update if needed too) and download this update to your file system:

Then start up 'Deployment Workbench'. If you haven't created a subfolder under 'Packages' yet for Windows 8 x64 updates, please do so. In this example I've used 'Windows 8 x64' for all updates for a 'Windows 8 64 bit system'. Select the 'Windows 8 x64' folder, right click and choose 'Import OS Packages'. After the import your folder should look like this:

To make sure that during deployment only the Window 8 x64 updates are being applied to the machine you're imaging, make sure you set a Task Sequence Variable like 'DriverGroup002'. This variable should be set before the 'Apply Patches' task. Also make sure 'Apply Patches' has been set to 'Nothing'.


If you wonder what 'Set Drivers Path' does, this one sets 'DriverGroup001' to the correct driver folder in a similar way. For more information about drivers and MDT, please check out "A Drivers Saga: The Control Freak Meets the Dynamic Developer".